Share your incredible training services with those local to you by including your organisation in the Mental Health Training Diretcory

Registering with Mental Health Training Directory today to benefit from…

Being featured on the first mental health training directory in the UK to include the complete range of mental health services and training available – including all different types of therapists, coaches, NHS, charities, community groups – along with the local training providers delivering high quality training to support businesses and individuals keen to learn more about mental health and supporting good mental health.

The aim is for this to become the most comprehensive directory of all the services available to someone within their local area and across the country.

Our powerful radius search facility ensures your profile is listed in all of your neighbouring towns and postcodes, getting you in front of as many people as possible.

Our search tools enable people to search by condition, county or address – making it easy for them to see what is available locally to them.

The creation of an instant and dedicated online presence for your service – if you don’t have a website, this gives you immediate access to an online audience with a full member profile including photographs, contact details, videos and links to any social media pages.

The opportunity to submit blogs to our site to help raise your profile and add to the discussions and information about mental health.

If we are going to help normalise the conversation about mental health we need to be sharing more information to the public. What is mental health? What is poor mental health? What help or support is available? What does accessing a service or undertaking a treatment mean and what does it involve? What practical things can we be doing everyday to support our mental health?

The more open, honest conversations we can have, the more information we can share, the greater impact we can have.

The opportunity to share details about events you are holding which could support someone with their mental health and well-being along with links to booking or contacting you.

We recognise that people start engaging with their mental health and well-being in many different ways, for some the first time they may start thinking about their mental health may be by attending an event.

What’s included

Included within your own dedicated listing you can promote your service/services including:

  • a description/introduction to you and what you do
  • a list of your services and categories
  • photographs and videos you want to share
  • a link to your website (if you have one)
  • email and telephone contact details
  • a link to your social media pages (if you have them)
  • multiple addresses (if relevant and required)