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Driftwood, 12 Pinewood Road, Dorset, England BH13 6JS

At Dorset Parent Infant Partnership (DorPIP) we support parents to form strong bonds with their baby because the first few years are such a great opportunity for babies to make lasting connections for a lifetime of health and wellbeing. The connections babies make during this time are dependent on their first relationships, environment and experience. DorPIP is a psychological service for parents and infants up to age 2. Looking after your wellbeing from conception to ensure that your baby gets the best possible start in life. DorPIP specialist psychotherapists create a safe, nurturing space where parents can talk about their thoughts and explore how it feels to be a parent. We give parents time think about the changes that being a parent has made to their life and relationships.  And most importantly we give parents the opportunity to think about the emerging relationship they have with their baby.  Because every person, no matter how small, is unique. We give you the chance to slow down, take stock and observe the special connection between you and your baby.  If you are concerned or worried that you are not feeling or connecting with your baby how you’d imagined you would or if you would like to be able to understand their cues and respond to their cry’s better, then come and see us at DorPIP.  We can help you to find the joy parenting even through those tiring and confusing early days.   We offer a confidential service to help you enhance the bonds between you and your baby that will help your family to flourish.

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